Where should we go on this occasion of Vietnam National Day?

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Muinetourism.vn).- This holiday (September 2nd ), did you have any plan to travel somewhere? If not, BNEWS will recommend you seven tourist destinations on this occasion.

(Muinetourism.vn).- This holiday (September 2nd ), did you have any plan to travel somewhere? If not, BNEWS will recommend you seven tourist destinations on this occasion.
September is the transition from summer to autumn, so the air is pretty cool, the weather is favorable and suitable for beach activities. Therefore, taking advantage of the free days, you can schedule for yourself during the upcoming National Day of September 2nd.
Vietnam has many beautiful beaches, so BNEWS would like to list some beaches you can travel with your family on this occasion.

Ha Long Bay
Ha Long Bay is a world natural heritage recognized by UNESSCO. Ha Long is a masterpiece of nature, it is priceless gift that nature bestowed upon Quang Ninh in particular and our country's tourism industry in general.
In September, the air of Ha Long is fresh and sunny as in the previous months. In addition, the scenery here is beautiful, many attractive and fresh seafood. Travelling to Ha Long is the right choice.

Da Nang
Da Nang is one of the cleanest and most beautiful cities in Vietnam and has fast economic development. Da Nang is city with many famous landscapes such as Ngu Hanh Son, Cu Lao Cham, Han River ... and many amusement parks.
Specially, Da Nang has many legendary bridges with unique architecture such as Dragon Bridge, Han River Bridge ... In addition, Da Nang has very good security and services. You can feel secure when traveling here. 

 Nha Trang and its magnificent islands 
Nha Trang is a famous tourist destination all over the world. It can be said that nature is generous to endow this land with so many beautiful scenes.
Honored as one of the most beautiful bays in the world, Nha Trang has a long beach that embraces the city. Not only beautiful on the natural scenery, Nha Trang is also popular for the warm weather, full of sunshine all year round.
The famous destionations such as Bamboo Island, Mun Island, Monkey Island, Hoa Lan Stream, Yen Island, Nha Phu Lagoon, Dai Lanh Beach, Cam Ranh Long Beach ... are places that tourists shouldn’t miss when travelling to Nha Trang. Not only beautiful scenery, Nha Trang also attracts tourists with its charming dishes such as jellyfish noodles, fish cake,...Hospitality and friendliness of the people is also a plus point in the eyes of tourists.

Con Dao Island
As a very pristine location, Con Dao attracts tourists with sunny beaches stretching off the sea. The activities on the island attract tourists such as fishing, scuba diving, canoeing, playing with dolphins or watching turtles lay eggs at night ...
Con Dao is also the largest nature reserve in Vietnam. It is not only has the rich plants but also has many rare animals such as black squirrels, sea swallow ... Meanwhile, the white sand beaches on the island are home to thousands of sea turtle in the breeding season.
Not only fascinated with the flora and fauna in the forest, tourists are also amazed at the beauty of the marine ecosystem here. Endowed by nature, Con Dao holds in the sea the colorful coral reefs with unique shapes.

Tàu Vung Tau
The colors of the sea, beautiful landscapes, historic sites ... mix together to create the proud beauty for this famous coastal city in the South of Vietnam. Coming to Vung Tau, tourists can leisurely walk on the white sand of the Bai Truoc beach. Along the beach is a park covered with a green of coconut palms, casuarina trees...
Take the road from Ha Long to Quang Trung, tourists will come to Thuy Van beach, also known as Bai Sau beach with a beautiful beach lasting over 3 km. Getting through the big mountain, tourists will come to Dau beach with many small bays creating many private beaches, poetic and charming landscapes.

Mui Ne
On this year September 2, you can go with your family to Mui Ne which is a famous tourist destination of Phan Thiet. Mui Ne has the white sand stretching endless with the green coconut palms and hundreds of different resorts.
After getting tired of the waves, tourists can lie under the coconut trees and enjoy the sweetness of its water. Coming to Mui Ne, tourists seem to leave behind the worries in their life to enjoy playing with nature, clouds and water.

Phu Quoc island 
If you’ve not been to Phu Quoc, you should schedule to go to this beautiful island on the upcoming national Day
 (September 2nd). Phu Quoc has a lot of dreamy beaches and pristine landscape attracting many foreign and domestic tourists. The thing to create the attractiveness for this island is the white sands stretching along the beach, especially is Bai Truong beach.
With a length of 20 km, starting from Dinh Cau and stretching to Khoe Tau Ru, Bai Truong beach is like a white silk draped over the young woman's shoulders. Bai Kem Beach is like a beautiful picture of nature with blue sea, white sand, sunshine. Bai Kem Beach is gentle and soothing, tourists can go a few dozen meters away from shore but the water does not reach the chest.
Going to Phu Quoc , apart from swimming, tourists can also dive into the beautiful coral reefs, go fishing at night, explore the food at night market in front of Dinh Cau or learn about the famous pearl farming village. However, Phu Quoc is not only the sea, this pearl island also carries historical vestiges to explore like Dinh Cau, Su Muon pagoda, Cay Dua prison, Phu Quoc prison…

 According to TBNEWS
Translated by Van Thao

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