Phan Thiet is one of the 10 most attractive cities for foreign tourists in Vietnam

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Recently, the Knowledge and Life website voted "Top 10 most international tourist attractions in Vietnam", in which Phan Thiet city (Binh Thuan) was ranked 9th.

(Phan Thiet city is always the choice of international tourists when traveling to Vietnam; Photo: NV)

The top 10 cities that attract the most foreign tourists to visit and relax in Vietnam are in the following order: Hanoi city; Ho Chi Minh City; Hue city; Hoi An city, Ha Long city; the holy city of Da Nang; Phu Quoc city; Nha Trang city, Phan Thiet city and Sapa town. With their irresistible charm, these cities are always the first choice of tourists from all over the world in their journey to discover Vietnam.

According to the website of Knowledge and Life, Phan Thiet city is introduced as follows: Another coastal city in the South Central region in the group of urban areas attracting the most international tourists in Vietnam is Phan Thiet. Not only owning famous beaches in Mui Ne, this city also has many other attractive places such as Mui Ne flying sand dunes, Po Sah Inu Cham tower, Hon Rom, Da Ong Dia, Tien Thanh ...

Previously, the Canadian tourism newspaper The Travel voted 10 most beautiful cities in Vietnam, from the sea to the high mountains, each with its own beauty, attracting a large number of tourists, among the quizzes. Mui Ne sand dunes and Phan Thiet city in the top 10 most beautiful destinations in Vietnam. In addition, Phan Thiet city is regularly voted by tourism websites as a coastal city that is very suitable for emotional sea sports.

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