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“Banh hoi” is a special kind of Vietnamese vermicelli, which is made from rice flour, while “long heo” literally means intestines of pigs. However, a complete dish of Banh hoi long heo includes many more ingredients: thin rice paper, oiled onion, fresh vegatables and a small cup of dipping sauce, which is mainly made from fish sauce and tamarind. At the first sight, a dish of Banh hoi long heo seems to be simple. But actually, it needs a lot of efforts in choosing materials as well as in the process of cooking. The flavour of Banh hoi long heo in Phu Long stays delicious through time since all cooks of restaurants selling it in Phu Long are also the owners. They always carefully wash fresh intestines before cooking, and with a little secret of pouring cold water onto it, the pig’s intestines will shrink and become more mouthwatering.

The main ingredient of this dish is banh hoi. According to Ms.Nam Ut, owner of an age-old facility producing banh hoi, which has been transmitted from generation to generation, the process of making banh hoi consists of many steps. They mix the rice flour, knead the dough and make it into small threads with a simple machine. After that, these “flour thread” will be thoroughly steamed before being exposed to become drier. It takes about 2 to 3 hours to make a batch of banh hoi. The end-product, which is made from good quality rice flour, is pure white and as they say, appetite comes with eating.

The unique combination of the natural sweetness of rice, the fatted flavour of pig’s intestines and tasty dipping sauce creates a very special relish for Banh hoi long heo of Phu Long. This is also the reason why this dish only has the best flavour when being served with banh hoi made in Phu Long townlet. To all the visitors, if you come to Phan Thiet, don’t forget to try this delectable dish.

Situated only 7 km from the center of Phan Thiet city, with agile, friendly servers and affordable prices, restaurants of Banh hoi long heo in Phu Long is trully attractive eating places that tourists must not miss when they stop by Binh Thuan.

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