Non Nước Resort    

15 Lạc Long Quân Xã Tiến Thành, Thành phố Phan Thiết, Tỉnh Bình Thuận - 2523846507

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Non Nuoc Resort has been built on the seaside area of more than 10,000 sq metres designed  with charming space, with green colors of the plant, with blue colors of the sky and the ocean. It will bring visitors friendliness and peacefulness, together with 24 luxury convenient cool rooms.

All the services of the resort have been designed with the gentleness and romance of the land and the local people. The swimming pool is designed with the soft curves, together with 2 currents spouting from the model of 2  funny dolphins. The restaurant can contain over 200 guests  the same as traditional houses of Vietnamese people.Under the familiar coconut trees is the aisle paved with the bricks mixed fragrant flowers. Visitors will feel comfortable and relaxed in the dreamy sence of the resort, together with the cleanest beach of Tien Thanh commune. Especially, with gentle smiles of the staffs and their thoughtful and professional  services will make visitors satisfied.

In order to serve and satisfy visitors, Non Nuoc Resort has been investing more entertainment services such as Spa, children playground…Especially, the system of the block has been constructed with the split- level design and wound to comply with the position of the land so that we can see the sea from the pleasant views that make visitors have a vast feeling of the nature. Non nuoc Resort will be an ideal destination after the hillside area of 10,000 sq metres is invested to build more accommodations, infrastructure, and senior services in order to adapt to relaxed demands and vacations of the foreign and local visitors.

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